Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OH NO!!! L@@K!!! OUT!!! :)

WoW I can't believe how long it has been since I posted last! Things around here have been keeping me pretty busy, especially with some new projects. Here are some samples (some of you seen on facebook already)

Here is my first felt bear with movable arms, legs and a head! She was given to the oldest grand daughter for her 4th birthday. She named her Sarah!

And here is my second bear, showing she loves playing out on the wood pile! She was out playing with the second grand daughter, which just happened to be her 2nd birthday! Boy did they have fun!

Then comes along Red! Now this one is pretty hard to keep up with!!!
First I just had to show off my new birth certificate! I am going to be adopted by another young lady. I can't tell you her name, Wouldn't want to give away the surprise, just in case she is online :)

Then after a morning breakfast and doing up dishes,,,

I went to visit the Grandma's horse! He is so much fun to watch and feed!

Well I am all ready to go to my new home now! What??? What did you say?

Oh, I have a guest coming first, I better get ready!

How do you like my new look? That bell hanging from the chain, just wasn't working! I do like my new bow tie, how about you?

Hi there! Here is my new friend, Goldie! As everyone knows, we bears LOVE to exercise!!! Nothing more fun than exercising with a friend! :)

Now for some tea. Goldie is an expert at making delicious tea!

Ahhh Goldie had to leave to his new home! He is going to be living with a really nice couple of ladies who have a REALLY HUGE white doggie, and a couple of smaller ones! That is going to be so much fun, hiding in there fur coats he he he ! See you later!

An now time to settle down and read my new book about bear adventures!

Well it is time for me to go now. I really had fun sharing about my adventures with you! Bye Bye!!! Take Care And Blessings!

Boy did I tell you Red was hard to keep up with!!! LOL!

I have also been learning a little needle felting! I am really enjoying that! Here is a sample I have started. Not only is this my first needle felting, but I'm not even using a pattern. LOL I think she almost looks more like an 'ewok' from Star Wars.

All the felt bears are just right under 3 inches tall. This needle felted bear so far stands 3 inches tall without legs. I should have made the legs and attached them first to the body. The darker wool is really SOFT alpaca,,, and I am finding the hairs are longer and a little harder to felt in. But I am still having a real BLAST making this little one!

Sorry for such a long post. I do hope enjoyed the adventures with Red as much I did chasing after him all over the place. Good thing he is going to a young active pre-teen :)

Blessings to all until next time :)


csipkelelkű said...

Cute little bears! :)

Val said...

the bears are cool. glad they are having a fantastic time!

Tatskool said...

great bears

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Thank you everyone. I really enjoyed making them. and yes we did have a wonderful time :)


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