Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WoW I Have Been Invaded LOL!

WoW can you believe it,,,I'm posting two days in a row! Watch the weather LOL! Might have to duck for cover!!!

On another note,,,Here are some nylon scrubbies I also made while sitting in bed with my cough and sore throat. At least when it comes to crocheting there isn't a whole of movements happening. My body just wasn't liking it too kindly even when I would just turn my head. :(

I decided to try a little mix in colors, for some variation instead of the same ole solid colors. Whatcha all think? Be HONEST now with me!!!!
Anyway,,,then after my first two little bears left for their new homes,,,it got a little lonely around here,,,and Peaches, our little dog,,,,just thought it wasn't right them bears leaving and all,,,soooo I made 3 new little ones. These are a little smaller due to using a smaller hook and yarn. Not sure what kind of yarn I think Pinky could be a chenille type yarn, not really sure. Then Silver,,,his thread is a really fine 'fuzzy' thread of some sort as well. Therefore making him come in about half an inch shorter than his two mates. His two mates are just under 2 1/2 inches tall, while he is just under 2 inches tall. Pastelarella,,,,now she is make from baby yarn with the white sparkly like strand that runs through it. As you can see these little ones were really full of mischief climbing around my citrus tree in the house!

Then they had to follow me outside, and found this flower patch to play and hide in!
Then after all the romping through the yard and teasing poor Peaches,,,the settled down to rest on the large flat stone in the yard, where I was able to easily snatch them up and bring them back indoors, where they were put down for naps LOL:)

Hugs N Blessings All!


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