Monday, May 31, 2010

Tatted Doily Updates and Fuzzy Critters!!!

Here are a couple of up dates on my tatted doilies. Both have new rounds added to each of them. The first being the size 30 thread, and the second being the size 10 thread. They are still growing, slowly but steadily!

Then here is a size comparison pic of the two. The red one has another round added to it as you can see. I have been little under the weather lately, so the next round for the blue one hasn't been caught up yet.

Then as I went to take a little stroll around the yard to see what was growing in the jungle of grass, flowers and weeds from all the rain we have been getting, Imagine my surprise to find these little crochet bears playing hide and seek!!! First I found them in the strawberry patch. But alas, no strawberries for them! Or me either :(
Then I found them hiding in grass, I know they were just waiting patiently for me to come along so they trip our little dog LOL!

Both of these cuties now have a new home. Both of the grand daughters just fell in love with them, picking out which they liked best (no fights either!!!) And they wasted no time gathering them up to take them to their home either :)

Blessings to all, please take care and stay healthy!!!


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